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We are Majuu Films - a video production and digital marketing firm in Kenya.

Majuu Films was founded in the early 2020 in the name Majuu films Production, we seek to be one of the world's most trusted and leading production companies which promotes Africa film production in relation to films and documentaries with high production value.

We are currently the biggest upcoming film production company in Kenya, undertaking a vast array of high-intensive production work, while maintaining our very high standard of professionalism and work ethics at all times. The quality of our repertoire speaks for itself.

Our aim is to be the link between African and American film production and to produce distinct and innovative TV and Feature content by networking through collaboration and co-productions with writers, directors, producers and other production houses, either new or established.

Our crew includes script writers, producers, directors, DOPs, camera operators, audio technicians, editors e.t.c. Thanks to many different skills inside our team, we can take care of your video project from the first idea to the final editing.

Founder of Majuu Films

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a tight bond between film produced in the states and the ones produced in Africa, this is in-terms of quality video production.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to convey a high impact message by way of delivering exciting and diverse contents featuring a wide spectrum of talents in Africa with one focus in mind.

Our Core Values

Honesty is key when working with our clients and employees. In our business the client is always right so we make sure we are as transparent as possible to achieve the best results.

We know that every great brand needs a team of video experts on-call at all times. We dedicate our time and resources to empowering our team of professionals. Their individual growth adds up to a higher bar all around.

Video, television, and feature film production requires all our teams and tools to be up to speed and working at their best. Do it right, do it properly, or don’t do it at all!

We believe a big factor in the outcome of any video is the on-set experience. We like to keep a positive, fun, considerate atmosphere on set for everyone involved, which always translates through in the final film.