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Majuu Films works with current state of the art digital audio facilities in producing radio adverts, drama, audio documentaries,mastering and voice dubbing.

We have a creative team that develops concepts for television commercials, series/serials, video documentaries and for short and feature length films. We are also flexible to work with ideas already developed by clients or together with clients.

We cover and live -stream events such as , Corporate, Promotional , Entertainment and Educational events.

We have local and international knowledge for all aspects of video production. With a few years of experience, Our innovative skilled and expert team can deliver mastered content, as well as provide a full film crew for your complete TV or feature film production.

Majuu films has a set up well equipped to handle all the aspects of post production from digitising, editing, coloring and final mix to ensure you get the best out of the project.

Majuu Films also organizes all aspects of productions for both local and international shoots e.g. crew, cast, costume, locations, props, accommodation, transport, permits etc.